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        Driving Innovation—NI and the Maker Movement

        The maker movement is driving engineering into the mainstream. For nearly 40 years, NI has provided engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery and now we’re making these same professional-grade tools available to makers. The innovative and collaborative nature of makers, combined with the flexibility and power of NI tools, like LabVIEW Home, will usher in the next industrial revolution.

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        NI Maker Resources

        LabVIEW MakerHub

        LabVIEW MakerHub is a community designed to inspire, enable, challenge, and support makers using LabVIEW. Transform your making experience today.

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        The Power of LabVIEW

        LabVIEW is a graphical programming platform that helps engineers scale from design to test and from small to large systems.

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        Understanding the Impact

        The maker movement is driving engineering into the mainstream. Read how this grassroots subculture is enabling innovation on a global scale.

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